Friday 10 April 2015

Logistics Service Provider in India

Focus remains improving our quality of service, setting standard in quality and fostering assurances of service. We offer fully developed, customized transport solution to our nationally. Our transport solutions include road transportation, car transportation, exhibition and event transportation, container movement and over dimension consignments (ODC) transportation.
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+ 91-120-4271277, 09350214177, 

Thursday 19 March 2015

Balaji Trans Carriers Announces its Redesigned Website

This is my first official post and I would like to thank all my team members, executives, sales and marketing, drives, associates, including website design and dev team, Internet marketing team who have trusted us and helped us deliver best possible solution .They have  extended their hands directly or indirectly to make Balaji Trans Carriers a big success.

In my new post I would like to announce that Balaji Trans Carriers has reshaped online with launch of revamped website. I would request you all to review, share your comments to improve it further.
We started 23 years back and today we hold expertise in providing logistics solutions for clients of any industry vertical, varying budget, time span, location and consignment size. 

Our logistics services in India include:
1.       Road transportation for all kind of goods;

2.       Car transportation includes car relocation and forwarding door to door locally and nationally;
3.       ODC transportation (Over Dimension Consignments) with  heavy lift forklifts t trucks and the necessary equipment;

4.       Expertise to cater to exhibition and event logistic solutions for any size events;

5.       Safe Container movement

Wait for my next post on Logistics Industry now and then.

Saturday 7 February 2015

Exhibition Display Packing & Movement Transport

Again, we offer special care to pack all your exhibits and display systems at your premises and then transport them to the exhibition venue with utmost care to ensure no loss of time and value. Our skilled personnel will then unpack the same to set up the materials and once the exhibition is over, will re-pack everything and deliver it back to your premises.

For logistic solution by road to and from all major cities across India, call us on any of the numbers mentioned here:+ 91-120-4271277, 09350214177, 09810214177

Balaji Trans Carriers Pvt.Ltd Offers Exemplary Road Transportation Service

Balaji Trans Carriers Pvt.Ltd is a known name in the industry. Balaji Trans Carriers Pvt.Ltd has 175 vehicles that include trucks and trailers in addition to 400 dedicated attached vehicles. We possess forklifts, cranes and material handling equipment at various locations.With operation center in 8 Regional,offices in 35 areas and over 30 branches across India, we have an edge over our competitors.

We provide road / ground transportation of general and bulk cargo. We ensure that the consignments reach the destinations on time and in best of conditions.

For logistic solution by road to and from all major cities across India, call us on any of the numbers mentioned here:+ 91-120-4271277, 09350214177, 09810214177