Monday 23 January 2017

What is Containerization?

Containerization serves in the form of a lightweight option to machine virtualization which involves summarizing an application in any container with its very own operating surroundings. The procedure offers the advantages of loading a particular application on a machine since the application can easily be run on any specific machine without any kind of worries regarding dependencies. Recently, containerization has gained huge popularity.

Brief Explanation of the Term
Containerization or container-based virtualization is also called application containerization. It is basically an OS-level virtualization procedure for using and operating distributed applications without the launch of virtual machines for different applications. Perhaps, a number of isolated systems known as containers are used on single control hosts accessing single kernels. Since different containers share similar OS kernels as host, containers can serve to be more efficient in comparison to virtual machines that need separate OS instances.  Different containers used in this procedure hold all the necessary components required for running a desired software like environment variables, libraries and files. Host OS constrains the access of the container to certain physical resources like memory and Central Processing Unit. This way a single container is not able to consume all the physical resources of the host.

The Benefits of Containerization

Containerization gained huge popularity with Docker- an open source that developed the procedure of giving containers improved portability. This allowed the containers to move about in almost any system that deals in sharing host OS type without the need of code changes. Containerization helps in the gain of efficiency for storage, memory and CPU in comparison to traditional virtualization. Containers do not require overheads as needed by virtual machines and therefore it is always possible to support more containers using similar infrastructure. This way containerization helps in improving performance since there is one single OS that takes care of the hardware calls.

Thursday 19 January 2017

What is Exhibition Logistics?

Exhibition logistics refers to the heavy lifting, safe storage and delivery of exhibition freight. Overall cost of this procedure is dependent on the number of services needed and the distance. However, it is important to note that all the major services in this category are priced as per size that is the depth, height and length along with the weight of exhibition freight. It is also important to note that exhibition logistics is completely different from regular logistics in a number of ways. The difference is identifiable primarily in the information or knowledge of the procedure in which different exhibition venues operate.

The Services of Exhibition Logistics Companies
Companies offering exhibition logistics generally deal with exhibition freight only and this is the reason why they get the ability of navigating their client’s freight all the way to their stands irrespective of the fact that what the freight actually is. The regular couriers in this field are not allowed on-site therefore they are required to pin an individual to get signatures prior to leaving. This could probably take some time.

Why Hire Exhibition Logistics Services?

If you are in possession of something heavy or precious that is needed at a show or an exhibition, for example, diamonds, you should not take the risk of being turned away right at the door of the show post hauling your freight at the venue. The companies that offer exhibition logistics services have the necessary permits required for getting their client’s freight to their stands safely and securely. These companies not only take care of international customs clearing and delivery needed by the clients but also have the expertise in handling the procedure of hiring crane crews and forklift if these are needed at the exhibition venue. Clients or the individual who require exhibition logistics services also have the option of hiring safe storage areas for keeping their empty boxes safely out of the sight of the venue floor.

Wednesday 18 January 2017

What is Project Logistics?

Project logistics is the term used for defining integrated planning, management, control, processing and organization of the procedure of flow of goods and materials along with information flows. Project logistics not only involves approach planning but also covers production and the different stages of the buying value chain. It also includes stages like delivery of products and services to the customers and recycling and waste disposal. There are many companies involved in offering project logistics services to their clients. These companies offer consulting services starting from controlling to effective advice needed on the implementation of plans. These companies take part in intelligent and customised planning devising the best solutions for their clients.

Teamwork is of Great Importance in Project Logistics

Project logistics service providing companies generally have teams with good expertise. These companies are found combining multi-model transportation services making it comfortable for their clients to manage and control their projects. They take into account all the important parameters required for successful completion of projects ensuring that the logistics chain of their clients is eco-friendly. These companies boast of global expertise and they take in minimum orders in order to ensure that all the consignments in hand are handles in a flexible and smooth manner. They possess great capabilities in handling projects and these include:

·         Part or full charter party’s voyage charters, time charters and air charters.

·         Feasibility studies and site surveys. They study political climate, weather and routes.

·         The transport of special equipment like open tops, flat racks, artificial tween deck solutions and platforms.

·         They deal in multi-mode transportation services like heavy lifts, barge, tug and rail.

·         The companies also deal in freight negotiation which includes long term rate validities and COA negotiation.

·          Administration services are also offered by these companies. Such services include trade documentation and customs clearance.

Friday 10 April 2015

Logistics Service Provider in India

Focus remains improving our quality of service, setting standard in quality and fostering assurances of service. We offer fully developed, customized transport solution to our nationally. Our transport solutions include road transportation, car transportation, exhibition and event transportation, container movement and over dimension consignments (ODC) transportation.
To find out more about logistic transportation services contact us

+ 91-120-4271277, 09350214177, 

Thursday 19 March 2015

Balaji Trans Carriers Announces its Redesigned Website

This is my first official post and I would like to thank all my team members, executives, sales and marketing, drives, associates, including website design and dev team, Internet marketing team who have trusted us and helped us deliver best possible solution .They have  extended their hands directly or indirectly to make Balaji Trans Carriers a big success.

In my new post I would like to announce that Balaji Trans Carriers has reshaped online with launch of revamped website. I would request you all to review, share your comments to improve it further.
We started 23 years back and today we hold expertise in providing logistics solutions for clients of any industry vertical, varying budget, time span, location and consignment size. 

Our logistics services in India include:
1.       Road transportation for all kind of goods;

2.       Car transportation includes car relocation and forwarding door to door locally and nationally;
3.       ODC transportation (Over Dimension Consignments) with  heavy lift forklifts t trucks and the necessary equipment;

4.       Expertise to cater to exhibition and event logistic solutions for any size events;

5.       Safe Container movement

Wait for my next post on Logistics Industry now and then.

Saturday 7 February 2015

Exhibition Display Packing & Movement Transport

Again, we offer special care to pack all your exhibits and display systems at your premises and then transport them to the exhibition venue with utmost care to ensure no loss of time and value. Our skilled personnel will then unpack the same to set up the materials and once the exhibition is over, will re-pack everything and deliver it back to your premises.

For logistic solution by road to and from all major cities across India, call us on any of the numbers mentioned here:+ 91-120-4271277, 09350214177, 09810214177

Balaji Trans Carriers Pvt.Ltd Offers Exemplary Road Transportation Service

Balaji Trans Carriers Pvt.Ltd is a known name in the industry. Balaji Trans Carriers Pvt.Ltd has 175 vehicles that include trucks and trailers in addition to 400 dedicated attached vehicles. We possess forklifts, cranes and material handling equipment at various locations.With operation center in 8 Regional,offices in 35 areas and over 30 branches across India, we have an edge over our competitors.

We provide road / ground transportation of general and bulk cargo. We ensure that the consignments reach the destinations on time and in best of conditions.

For logistic solution by road to and from all major cities across India, call us on any of the numbers mentioned here:+ 91-120-4271277, 09350214177, 09810214177