Wednesday 18 January 2017

What is Project Logistics?

Project logistics is the term used for defining integrated planning, management, control, processing and organization of the procedure of flow of goods and materials along with information flows. Project logistics not only involves approach planning but also covers production and the different stages of the buying value chain. It also includes stages like delivery of products and services to the customers and recycling and waste disposal. There are many companies involved in offering project logistics services to their clients. These companies offer consulting services starting from controlling to effective advice needed on the implementation of plans. These companies take part in intelligent and customised planning devising the best solutions for their clients.

Teamwork is of Great Importance in Project Logistics

Project logistics service providing companies generally have teams with good expertise. These companies are found combining multi-model transportation services making it comfortable for their clients to manage and control their projects. They take into account all the important parameters required for successful completion of projects ensuring that the logistics chain of their clients is eco-friendly. These companies boast of global expertise and they take in minimum orders in order to ensure that all the consignments in hand are handles in a flexible and smooth manner. They possess great capabilities in handling projects and these include:

·         Part or full charter party’s voyage charters, time charters and air charters.

·         Feasibility studies and site surveys. They study political climate, weather and routes.

·         The transport of special equipment like open tops, flat racks, artificial tween deck solutions and platforms.

·         They deal in multi-mode transportation services like heavy lifts, barge, tug and rail.

·         The companies also deal in freight negotiation which includes long term rate validities and COA negotiation.

·          Administration services are also offered by these companies. Such services include trade documentation and customs clearance.

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