Thursday 19 January 2017

What is Exhibition Logistics?

Exhibition logistics refers to the heavy lifting, safe storage and delivery of exhibition freight. Overall cost of this procedure is dependent on the number of services needed and the distance. However, it is important to note that all the major services in this category are priced as per size that is the depth, height and length along with the weight of exhibition freight. It is also important to note that exhibition logistics is completely different from regular logistics in a number of ways. The difference is identifiable primarily in the information or knowledge of the procedure in which different exhibition venues operate.

The Services of Exhibition Logistics Companies
Companies offering exhibition logistics generally deal with exhibition freight only and this is the reason why they get the ability of navigating their client’s freight all the way to their stands irrespective of the fact that what the freight actually is. The regular couriers in this field are not allowed on-site therefore they are required to pin an individual to get signatures prior to leaving. This could probably take some time.

Why Hire Exhibition Logistics Services?

If you are in possession of something heavy or precious that is needed at a show or an exhibition, for example, diamonds, you should not take the risk of being turned away right at the door of the show post hauling your freight at the venue. The companies that offer exhibition logistics services have the necessary permits required for getting their client’s freight to their stands safely and securely. These companies not only take care of international customs clearing and delivery needed by the clients but also have the expertise in handling the procedure of hiring crane crews and forklift if these are needed at the exhibition venue. Clients or the individual who require exhibition logistics services also have the option of hiring safe storage areas for keeping their empty boxes safely out of the sight of the venue floor.

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